The wonder of an animal Safari in Kenya

Out of all the wildlife in Africa, no animal arouses as much awe and admiration as the African lion. African Lion

The lion is the largest of Africa's big cats, and is reverently referred to as the "King of the Jungle" or "King of the Beasts". In Kenya, you can see these majestic creatures while on an African lion safari in Amboseli or Maasai Mara or by visiting one of Kenya's national parks and reserves.

Unlike other big cats that prefer to live solitarily, African lions are social animals. A group of lions, called a pride, may consist of 15 to 20 members, with up to three males. Male lions can be recognized by the long mane of hair that covers their necks.

Within the pride, the lionesses do most of the hunting while the male lions defend the group's territory. When hunting, lionesses approach their prey stealthily before springing upon them and killing them with a strong bite to the neck. If the prey escapes before the lioness springs an attack, the lioness will not give a chase for long. This apparent lack of endurance has given African lions a reputation of being lazy.

African lions only hunt when they are hungry. After a meal, a lion can spend an entire day sleeping and resting in the shadows of the Acacia trees. Lions prefer to hunt and eat wildebeests, zebras, buffalos, and antelopes, particularly savoring the large oryx antelope species. You can imagine the surprise when an extraordinary lioness in Samburu National Park adopted and cared for six baby oryx in one year.

Experience the Excitement of Kenya's African Lion Safaris

Kenya offers several safaris where you can view the African lion. Below you will find a list of the top tour and safari packages available, making it easy to choose the right one for you. In addition to the unforgettable experience of seeing an African lion pride in its natural habitat, each safari also provides the opportunity to check out Kenya's "Big Five" animal species, and other local wildlife.

7 Day Highlights of Kenya Safari: Samburu > Aberdare > Nakuru > Masai Mara
The Highlights of Kenya safari offers a superb introduction to the beauty of Kenya, including visits to four national parks and game reserves. This luxury safari features comfortable accommodation, including a stay at the Treetops Lodge where you will sleep in a tree hotel literally built in the tops of the trees. Here you will be treated to a fantastic view of local wildlife gathering around the hotel's floodlit waterholes.

6 Day Southbound Kenya Discover Safari: Masai Mara > Amboseli > Tsavo West
This classic Kenyan safari will take you to the three most famous game reserves in Kenya. Each park offers a unique game experience combining wildlife, birdlife, and diverse topography. Make sure to take advantage of the picturesque view of Kenya's wildlife against the dramatic backdrop of Mt. Kilimanjaro and enjoy stays at a luxurious camp and the Serena Hotel's safari lodges.

6 Day Mara Migration Tour: Amboseli > Nakuru > Masai Mara
This unique Kenya wild safari is designed to show you Kenya's largest wildlife, including the African elephant, along with Kenya's birdlife and several endangered animal species. The tour culminates with a chance to experience one of the great wonders of the world - the famous wildebeest migration at the Maasai Mara. All stays throughout the safari are at luxurious lodges.

5 Day Classic Wings Kenya Safari: Samburu > Maasai Mara
The Classic Wings Safari boasts both luxury and distinction. It is designed for the busy safari enthusiast looking to enjoy two of Kenya's finest game reserves – the Maasai Mara Game Reserve and Samburu National Reserve.

11 Day Twin Kenya Attractions: Aberdare > Nakuru > Masai Mara > Naivasha > Amboseli > Tsavo West > Mombasa > Nairobi
Enjoy the best of Kenya's attractions - a safari tour and a trip to Kenya's beaches. This extensive tour provides a great introduction to Kenya's fascinating scenic beauty and exotic wildlife, ending with a leisurely trip to Kenya's pristine beaches.

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Kenya Lions of Tsavo

If you want to see Kenya's most infamous "King of the Beasts", then visit the Kenya lions of Tsavo while on a safari tour to Tsavo. kenya Lions

Kenya's lions of Tsavo are Africa's most feared and fiercest predators. In fact, they are so ruthless that they are renowned for nearly stalling the construction of the Kenya-Uganda railway in the early 20th century - an event that later inspired the movie "The Ghost and the Darkness".

Unlike other African lions, a pride of Tsavo lions will have only one male. This species is also unique because the male lions do not have manes. Tsavo lions are very elusive and the opportunity to view a pride of these fearsome beasts is indeed a rare sight.

The African Lion - a Symbol of Kenya's Pride

Kenya coat of arms In Kenya, the lion is a symbol of power and pride, and represents the country's nationhood on its Coat of Arms.

If you go on African lion safari in Kenya, your safari is not complete until you see Kenya's wonder animals; the "Big Five".

African Lion’s historical ties with the Maasai

The African lion which has for a long time been considered the pride of Africa has had a long and rich history with the Maasai. Stories dating before the colonial period have been told of how the Maasai interacted with the lions on a day to day basis. During that time, the lion was considered to be a threat to the Maasai’s cattle hence they resulted to slaughtering them upon encounter. After equipping themselves with shields made from buffalo hide and spears, Maasai warriors are said to have battled with countless lions in the endeavor to protect their cows.

In the Maasai culture, the lion also played a very important role during the transition from childhood to adulthood for the young Maasai boys. For a boy as young as 13 years to become a warrior (Moran), they would have to fight and kill a lion on their own. This practice has however been outlawed. The Maasai have replaced this tradition with Olomaiyo, a ceremony which is involves hunting the lions in groups.

During the hunt, one of the rules is that the Morans are not allowed to hunt female lions since they are bearers of life and are important to the ecological system of the savannah.

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