The sources of news in Kenya

You can get the latest Kenya news through Kenya's vibrant media that includes the daily newspapers, TV and radio stations.

Nation Media Group and The Standard Group, the two largest Kenyan media houses, own some of Kenya's leading news channels. The Daily Nation and The Standard are the top Kenyan newspapers for political, business, economic and sports news from Kenya and East Africa. Other important newspapers are the Business Daily, The East African, The People Daily, and the Kenya Times. Important Kenya television news channels include KTN, NTV, Citizen TV and K24.

Kenya News and News Channels

When you need to catch up on news from Kenya, the Kenyan media will not disappoint you. Kenya news channels (both print and electronic) are arguably the most independent and professional in the region. Most of the print media houses now have an online version of the news, enabling you to easily get up-to-date business and political news analysis.

Kenya Newspapers

Kenyan newspapers are among the best in East Africa. The Kenya newspapers with the widest readership are the Daily Nation and The Standard. Both carry comprehensive coverage of politics, the economy, business, and sports in Kenya and around the world. In these newspapers, you will also find very informative commentaries and analysis of important issues from Kenya and East Africa.

These two leading newspapers are published by the two biggest media houses in Kenya: Nation Media Group (publishes the Daily Nation) and The Standard Group (publishes The Standard). Nation Media Group also owns four other newspapers in Kenya:

Other significant, but less influential, newspapers are People Daily, Kenya Times, and The Nairobi Star. Find links to Kenya newspapers online on this page.

Kenya Television Stations

Kenya's leading TV stations are also owned by the two biggest media houses: Nation Media Group owns NTV, while The Standard Group owns KTN. Both the KTN and NTV television channels are good news sources, providing thorough coverage of all news from Kenya, Africa, and the world.

KTN television news is considered to be more critical of the Kenyan government, and friendlier to the opposition government. NTV, on the other hand, takes pride in being very balanced, unbiased and objective in its reporting.

Apart from NTV and KTN, other important Kenyan television news channels are KBC Channel 1, Citizen TV, and K24. KBC Channel 1 has the widest reach in Kenya, with frequencies covering the entire country. Owned by the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation - the state broadcaster -KBC Channel 1 tends to be less objective in its reporting and often acts as the mouthpiece of the Kenyan government. Citizen TV has, over a short period of time, grown into a reputable Kenyan news channel, carrying a broad coverage of Kenyan news. The station is owned by Royal Media Services and has a countrywide reach. Citizen TV, however, is also perceived as leaning towards the side of the current government in its political reporting.

K24 is the newest entrant to the Kenyan television industry. The station is modeled after CNN, providing 24-hour news coverage. K24 is currently available only in Nairobi and surrounding areas. This TV news station promises to become the channel of choice for Kenyan news. Most Kenya news is now streamed online and can be viewed freely on

Kenya Radio Stations

There are numerous Kenyan radio stations available to offer listeners the latest political and business news in the country. The radio stations with the broadest news coverage and most listeners include Capital FM, Easy FM (owned by Nation Media Group), Classic FM, Radio Citizen, KISS 100 FM, and KBC General Service.

Capital FM is a particularly good source of Kenya's business news. You can listen to Capital FM online

Regional radio stations have a wider audience in the rural communities of Kenya, where they broadcast the news in different ethnic languages.

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